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April 25, 2009



What's wrong with Communism?

Patrick Walsh

Perfect! I say Runescape should simply make a second Runescape Classic version from just before they began trying to prevent Real World Trading. What is the point in upsetting millions of players and losing revenue just to attempt to eliminate something that still takes place? Why can I still type in "buy Runescape gp" and still do so sucessfuly? Jagex have simply failed in their attempt to eliminate RWT. I myself being a 6 year veteran of the game have quit after finding it impossible to have the same levels of enjoyment out of the game as previous aqquired. Sure, you could get scammed out of millions but doesn't that still happen in the G.E with Merchanting Clans?

Josh P

Exactly, Jagex are such babies. This game has lost the same level of enjoyment that it did when I first discovered it when it came out in 2003 as RSC. The thrill of leveling up with everyone who wasn't even maxed out yet players would spend hours and I mean hours for something that today's task seems nothing compared to the grind of getting the first r2h. The thrill of walking to the wild just to get your ass handed to you just because you should have stuck with skilling/ dueling for memebers. That's why people payed $5 for the duel and bonus grinds. Why were they so dumb to see that simple reason for success. Standing in varock with a crowded server of 2000 just trying to log on that sat morning and make 50k-100k now understand, that's what the adv basic players could barely make in a day. The more exp players had huge adv which drove the game players would make 200k-500k then it was 500k-1m+ then so on it grow fast. Jagex 2003-2006 was ultimate luckily I still own my RSC account after all these years no changes I saw of Rs2 but sounds like hell the whole time I played a little bit but they whole game play changed its self.

Jagex fail, $5 members just for that private space, bonus armor/ weapon/ and the dueling added all the recipes for success.


I'm not sure that Jagex is regretting their decision:


With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

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