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February 01, 2007



But I like your blog. It is funny and informative.

I hope you keep doing it even if not required.

Dan Marques

Keep up the blogging, its healthy, helps your creative side, strengthens your writing skills, and provides a published archive you can always go back to for a variety of reasons.

Dan Marques

New business venture, eh? Sounds exciting. Starting a business where you are now will definitely be a worthwhile and rewarding experience in so many ways. What are you thinking about starting?


I will keep up the blogging, just probably not as often.

As for the business venture, most of it is purely for building up a resume, though I will be happy to make a buck while I do it.

Most of what I do will likely be game and technical design, perhaps with a few computer-based odd jobs here and there. I plan to create flash games.

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