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September 26, 2006


Derek Finnamore

It may not be dynamic, but the most valuable items in the real world are also useless. Precious metals and gem stones are nothing more than show. My friend also just told me about when he used to play runescape about 5-6 years ago and how him and three others ran the economy by creating a monopoly on the party hat market. They sold 100's of them to people who would then sell them to others for more. Its alot like how drugs are distributed as sold. And he told me how game mods would try and follow them around and prevent them from selling to many and said they would ban them if they ever did trades over 1bil and caught them. And how ppl would try to kill them when they went to do secret drops to otehr players to steal there loot, so they hired body guards and set up times and locations to make the drops. It was the coolest thing i had ever heard someone talk about with video game play. I must say i was quite jelouse. I mean he got to play the role of a party hat Scarface. The bottom line is that many players play the game on an economic basis alone. My friend said he never did quests or anything cuz he was too busy with buying and selling party hats. Some players will be poor because they choose to play the game a different way, and dont concern themselves with money. If u take the economic playability out of the game u loose all those who just play it for that value alone.

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